The standard frequency of dental visits is twice per year. These are regular checkup visits that include an exam and cleaning. In general, dental insurance covers two of these general visits each year.

You may make additional dental appointments if you need or desire a certain dental treatment, such as fillings or teeth whitening. The number of visits vary by the types of treatment. Also, it’s a good idea to make an appointment if you experience pain or another new symptom.

In general, one of your twice yearly visits includes scanning your teeth, gums and jaws with an X-ray. Otherwise, your visit includes a professional cleaning by one of our dental hygienists and an exam by our dentist, who checks the state of your oral health.

The goal of these visits is to maintain proper oral health and prevent dental problems. Toward this end, our dental professionals may offer advice and products to facilitate your at-home dental hygiene. Getting routine checkups can also catch problems as soon as possible to get you into early treatment.

During your first visit to our office, our team welcomes you to our office and gets to know you. We ask that you fill out your patient forms in advance by downloading them from our website or come in a few minutes before your appointment to fill them out in person.

Make sure you bring a valid ID and your dental insurance card with you. Your first visit likely includes an exam, cleaning and consultation.

At Creekside Family Dental, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to give you the look you desire. Our team can discuss your options with you and provide information to help you decide on the best services to fit your goals.

We provide whitening services, crowns, veneers, clear aligners and other cosmetic options that enhance a smile. Our office also provides Botox services to smooth the mouth area and highlight your smile.

Our dentist and his team strongly encourage you to be proactive about your dental health through a regular oral hygiene routine. This includes at least twice daily brushing and once daily flossing. It’s also smart to reduce your sugar intake and stop using tobacco products, which are both habits that are harmful to oral health.

Make sure you come in for your regular exams and cleanings, as these appointments provide a deeper cleaning and check for early signs of problems. During your visit, our team may recommend extra at-home practices, such as using mouthwash. Ask us about additional steps you can take, such as fluoride treatments and sealants.

You are free to ask our team any questions you have. Depending on your question, we may be able to provide an answer over the phone. Otherwise, we may direct you to come in for a consultation appointment, which allows our dentist to take a look and provide a comprehensive answer that’s personalized to your situation.

Get in touch with your questions by emailing us at or contact us here.