Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

Check out the Creekside Family Dental membership plan.

The Creekside Family Dental Membership Plan is a helpful solution for those who do not have dental insurance benefits or who feel that their insurance plan is not sufficient for them. This is an annual program, and in addition, our very reasonable rates ensure that you and your family receive the most comfortable care with a non-judgmental approach.

Dental Services included in plan:

two healthy mouth hygiene appointments per year

two periodontic exams per year

one set bitewing x-rays per year

one panoramic x-ray every five years

10% off fillings

10% off extractions

10% off crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers

10% off implant crowns

10% off dentures and partial dentures

10% off additional healthy mouth hygiene visits

10% off periodontal disease care

Excludes bleaching, Waterpik®, Botox® and filler 

No annual maximum limits 

No deductibles 

No worrying about the fine print 

No pre-existing condition limitations 

No pre-determinations needed 

Cosmetic dentistry included

*Please note this is a dental savings plan NOT dental insurance. Payment in full is due at time of service. Membership plan cannot be combined with the use of any third party dental insurance plan or third party financing (i.e. CareCredit, Lending Tree, etc.).