fluoride treatment at creekside

Fluoride is an important part of an oral care routine, because this mineral offers extra protection to the teeth against decay. While fluoride is part of many products used for at-home dental hygiene, supplementary professional fluoride treatments give another option for preventive dentistry.

At Creekside Family Dental, we offer these helpful treatments to Gahanna, OH patients who would benefit from them.

What Is a Professional Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is beneficial to your oral health both when you consume it, such as through tap water, and when you use it on the teeth, such as through toothpaste or mouthwash. Our professional treatment includes a fluoride substance we apply to your teeth.

A dentist can provide you with a different kind of fluoride treatment than you have access to from home. The professional-level solution we use has a much higher concentration of fluoride compared to the amount found in tap water or over-the-counter fluoride products. This treatment is fast, easy and affordable, making it beneficial for many patients.

During your fluoride application, we start by professionally cleaning your teeth to ensure they are free of bacteria, plaque and tartar. Then, Dr. Leffler applies the quick and convenient solution to the surfaces of the teeth.

Why Would a Professional Fluoride Treatment Be Necessary?

Our fluoride treatment offers an added form of protection to boost your oral health and minimize dental problems. This service gives a high level of fluoride’s benefits, which include strengthening tooth enamel and protecting against bacteria. These actions help ward off tooth decay to prevent cavities. It’s a simple solution that can keep you from needing fillings or other dental work.

Fluoride treatments are recommended for everyone. Nonetheless, some people may benefit more than others from this service. These include people who do not use fluoride toothpaste or drink tap water, and people with a higher cavity risk.

Also, our dentist uses his expertise to provide a consultation and give the best treatment for your situation. He can adjust fluoride treatments as needed and apply it correctly for best results.

We want you to receive the type and level of care you choose. Talk to Dr. Leffler about your questions and concerns to decide whether supplemental fluoride is right for you.

What Should I Know About Fluoride Treatments?

It’s a good idea to have regular fluoride treatment appointments. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends this treatment every three, six or twelve months. We can adjust the recommendation to fit your dental situation. Some patients may also receive a prescription for at-home fluoride treatments.

Our office also gives you recommendations following the treatment session. In general, we advise you to avoid eating or drinking for half an hour after the fluoride application. During this time, the fluoride is able to fully enter the teeth. After that, you can carry on as usual. Despite receiving fluoride, continue with your regular oral care routine that includes the use of fluoride toothpaste.

Make a Consultation Appointment

If you have an exam and cleaning appointment with us, you can ask about fluoride treatments during your visit. It’s easy to include this service after completing your professional cleaning. Otherwise, contact us to discuss and schedule this treatment option.

Call us to set up your next appointment.