Dental Fillings

dental filling patient room at creeksideDental fillings provide a straightforward preventive dentistry method that solves a cavity while putting a stop to more extensive decay and dental work.

At Creekside Family Dental, we offer our Gahanna, OH patients cavity fillings that blend in with your natural teeth.

When Do I Need a Dental Filling?

A filling is a common treatment method for a cavity, which is decay inside the tooth. You may experience symptoms that indicate a cavity is present. Some main symptoms include pain in a certain tooth or teeth, pain while eating, floss getting stuck or dark spots on a tooth.

Whether or not you notice symptoms, you find out if you have a cavity during a dental exam. Share any symptoms you’ve been experiencing with our team to help us catch a cavity as soon as possible. An X-ray can help our dentist see inside the tooth to determine whether it has decay.

Once you have the diagnosis of a cavity, a filling is likely the best solution, as it is the most conservative approach that solves the problem. In some situations, like when there is extensive decay, a different treatment approach may be necessary.

How Does a Filling Help?

A dental filling gives us a way to fix damage and restore tooth structure. The process removes the decayed parts of the tooth and cleans out the cavity, which stops the progression of decay. Then, we fill the tooth with a special material. This process helps you keep your natural tooth while restoring its strength and function.

We may sometimes use fillings for types of damage other than cavities. This dental treatment option gives a simple way to fix minor damage to the teeth such as wear, chips or cracks.

Overall, a filling is the simplest intervention that prevents further damage and more intensive dental treatment, such as a root canal, inlays or onlays.

What Is Used to Fill the Tooth Cavity?

You and our dentist can choose the type of filling material from different available options. Silver amalgam filling and gold fillings were commonly used in the past and are still available. Nonetheless, modern dentistry and patients tend to prefer tooth colored fillings that match your natural teeth.

Our practice is happy to offer our patients this filling material to restore tooth structure while creating the best appearance.

What Is the Filling Process Like?

The filling procedure tends to be a simple, straightforward one. We may take X-rays in advance to have a better idea of the cavity’s damage.

During the appointment, we start by giving you a local anesthetic around the affected tooth to prevent pain and discomfort. We wait until the area feels numb before beginning the procedure.

Then, our dentist uses small drills to remove the decayed areas within the tooth. He then thoroughly clears out the empty area. Finally, he puts a filling material into the hole. He then finishes the filling, which may include curing it, polishing it and ensuring you have the correct bite.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Following a regular schedule of cleanings and exams helps us catch cavities early and take care of them with fillings, so make sure to schedule and attend these visits.

Contact us to make a regular appointment or for a consultation if you think you may have a cavity.