Dental Crowns

dental assistant with patient at creekside

When patients come to the dentist’s office with a damaged or weak tooth, dental crowns provide a solution to restore the function and strength of the tooth. Using porcelain crowns ensures the tooth covering seamlessly blends into the smile as part of cosmetic dentistry.

At Creekside Family Dental, we offer modern porcelain crowns for our local Gahanna, OH patients.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is the term for a hollow restoration piece that has the shape of a real tooth. Our dentist uses this restoration to cover the real tooth, providing a layer that protects it from further damage. It gives added strength to restore full chewing and talking function, while avoiding tooth removal or tooth loss.

When we use porcelain or ceramic as the restoration material rather than metal amalgam, the crown also restores the look of a damaged tooth and the entire smile. By creating the right shape and color in the porcelain restoration, we make the crown look no different from a natural tooth. The finished result blends in so well that no one would know the difference between your real teeth and restorations.

When Do You Use a Dental Crown?

A crown gives us a way to restore a tooth to its proper function once it has damage. We consider it part of our cosmetic dentistry offerings because we focus on restoring the right appearance while fixing the tooth by using porcelain crowns. We are able to color-match porcelain to achieve just the right shade.

Crowns are not the only solution for restoring problematic teeth, so our dentist, Dr. Will Leffler, discusses your options with you depending on your situation. He may recommend a dental crown when your tooth is weakened, has tooth decay or is extensively damaged. The crown gives you back the tooth structure and function you have lost.

Another scenario for using a crown is as a tooth replacement when the natural tooth has been lost or requires extraction. In this case, a dentist can use a crown as the tooth replacement part that attaches to a dental implant, which is secured into the gum and jawbone to act as a replacement tooth root.

What Is the Dental Crown Process Like?

After carrying out an exam and diagnosing damage, Dr. Leffler informs you of your dental situation and your options. If you decide on a crown, you can discuss restoration materials.

Dental professionals and most patients prefer porcelain crowns for their natural look and increased strength and durability. Nonetheless, ceramic is another modern crown material that provides a natural look.

Our dentist begins the process by scanning your mouth with our advanced technology to create digital impressions. We send the impressions to a lab, which uses them to craft a properly fitting, custom crown for your mouth. You receive a temporary crown while waiting for your permanent one.

Dr. Leffler prepares the tooth that will receive the restoration. He removes damaged parts and shapes the tooth, while retaining as much of the natural tooth as possible. This preparation process stops the damage from progressing and creates a base to fit the crown.

When it is time to place the permanent crown onto the prepared tooth, our dentist fits and adjusts it so you have the optimal bite, fit and comfort. He uses cement to keep it permanently in place, so you have a false tooth that looks and acts like the real thing.

Make a Consultation Appointment

The first step toward getting dental crowns is having our dentist evaluate your mouth. He can determine whether porcelain crowns are the right solution while giving you all of your options.

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