getting sealants at creeksideSealants offer a great preventive dentistry method for protecting your teeth from decay. This option is not only for children, as people of all ages benefit from it.

We offer sealants to Gahanna, OH locals as part of our regular dentistry services at Creekside Family Dental.

Why Should I Consider Dental Sealants?

Sealants create a protective layer over your teeth, which helps to ward off tooth decay and cavities. This solution is particularly useful for molars and premolars in the back of the mouth, which are difficult to fully clean with brushing.

You’ll notice the pit and fissure pattern on the top of these back teeth, which looks like bumps and indentations. It’s important to care for these areas by brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing, yet food and bacteria are able to build up in the pit and fissure areas. In time, this buildup can turn into tooth decay.

Putting sealants over the surfaces of these teeth gives added protection that keeps substances from collecting and causing damage. The smooth surface of the resin sealant is tough for food and bacteria to stick to and is easier for you to clean through your at-home hygiene routine.

Applying sealants is a simple procedure that can help prevent tooth damage and treatments to solve them. It’s a good tool to add to your arsenal of at-home care and professional cleanings. Using sealants now reduces the likelihood of fillings or other cavity treatments later, which means it can help prevent pain, hassle and more costly treatments.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sealants?

Most people could benefit from this dental service. As long as the person has their permanent teeth, sealants work for children, teenagers and adults of all ages. Because this procedure is quick, affordable and effective, many patients can find it worthwhile.

If you ask about this service, our dentist provides a consultation to determine whether sealants are right for you or your child. They are generally reserved for the molars and premolars, which our dentist would examine before covering with the sealant material. He may decide to only seal certain molars. Also, this procedure is best for healthy teeth, yet can sometimes be used on a tooth with mild decay.

How Does the Sealant Process Work?

Your sealant procedure happens during a quick and painless outpatient appointment. Our team starts by professionally cleaning your teeth and gums. This process ensures we do not trap any food residue or bacteria under the sealants.

Then, Dr. Leffler paints a layer of a resin liquid material onto the tooth surfaces. He cures the material to harden it, which creates a strong barrier over the tooth that can withstand chewing.

In time, the sealant material becomes worn and less effective. Our team notices signs of breakdown during your regular exams and can recommend new sealants. Nonetheless, sealants tend to protect your teeth for years before this is necessary.

Ask About Sealants

Dental sealants offer an extra way to support your oral health and prevent dental problems from forming. Ask about sealants during your next exam and cleaning visit, or contact us to set up a consultation appointment.

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