wrinkle relaxers at creeksideAbout Botox

You most likely know about Dysport for its uses managing fine lines, wrinkles and migraines. This injection is also offered through certain dental offices trained in its use. Dentists use it to enhance aesthetics of the mouth area and within certain dental services.

At Creekside Family Dental, our dentist, Dr. Will Leffler, is trained to bring this modern offering to our Gahanna, OH patients.

What Are Botox?

Dysport is the brand name for an injection that temporarily paralyzes and relaxes muscles in the areas where it is applied. The purpose is to achieve a firmer look to the skin or provide a medical benefit, such as managing chronic migraine pain.

The injection includes botulinum toxin A. While this may have a scary sound, Dysport is an inert injection that is safe for use.

Nonetheless, its safety depends on a trained professional providing the injections. A dentist who has been trained in Dysport is a good choice for the mouth area, because dentists are highly knowledgeable on the muscles and structure of this part of the face. Also, dental professionals who are qualified to give these injections have been trained in proper techniques.

At our office, Dr. Leffler is trained and qualified to provide Dysport injections, allowing us to bring this cosmetic and treatment method to our patients.

How Do Dentists Use Botox?

Patients at our office can receive Dysport for aesthetic or medical purposes. We may recommend it as part of a treatment plan for your dental situation or to fit a goal you express to us. Alternatively, you can ask us about it to improve the look of the skin around your mouth.

Our dentist is able to use this injection to enhance the smiles of patients by firming the area around the mouth. This effect can be especially rewarding after you have dental work completed to improve the look of your teeth. Cosmetic options for Dysport include injections for lip lines, wrinkles or a puckered chin. Dysport also provides a solution for high lips lines to prevent the gums from being as prominent during smiles.

Dysport injections also ease pain or other symptoms for people with certain dental problems. Dr. Leffler may suggest Dysport to help you get used to the feeling of new dentures, veneers or another dental treatment. He may also recommend it to patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain or bruxism, which is the technical term for grinding your teeth while sleeping. Dysport is able to help dental situations like these because it relaxes the muscles that are contributing to symptoms. Nonetheless, our dentist allows you to make up your own mind as to whether you would like this treatment.

In some cases, receiving Dysport injections would be a temporary occurrence following a dental procedure. For example, you may have injections following the insertion of new dentures and then stop receiving them once you adjust. In other cases, you may return periodically for new injections. This is the case with ongoing TMJ or bruxism symptoms or for cosmetic purposes. Dysport’s effects last for up to six months, at which point new injections are needed to maintain results.

Ask About Botox and Dermal Fillers

You can request Dysport if it fits your situation, or we may bring it up to fit your treatment or dental goals.

Contact our Gahanna, OH office to ask about Dysport, or discuss it with our dentist during one of your visits with us.