Your First Visit

creekside waiting roomWhat Should New Patients Know About Creekside Family Dental?

We welcome new patients and look forward to getting to know you. We see this first visit as the beginning of a long-term relationship, which is something we value. Hopefully, our team will get to see you at least twice a year for your regular exams and cleanings.

Expect our dentist, Dr. Will Leffler, and his support team to treat you with kindness and respect. At our office, you have autonomy to make dental decisions, as we take a conservative, transparent approach to dentistry. In other words, we share information without pushing services, allowing you to decide what’s right for you.

What Should I Expect From My First Visit?

During your initial visit with us, our office team, dental hygienists and dentist get to know you and your medical/dental history. In addition, our team asks if you’ve been experiencing pain or other symptoms, and we discuss any goals you have for your dental health.

Your first visit is likely a routine cleaning and exam appointment. This means one of our dental hygienists thoroughly cleans your teeth and gums. You can also expect some helpful education on how to care for your oral health better from home.

Also, this visit likely includes an X-ray to get a better view of what’s going on inside your teeth, gums and jaws. After the dental hygienist is finished with her role, our dentist checks your mouth for any problems.

This visit may include a consultation of services to solve a dental problem or help you reach certain dental goals. For example, you and Dr. Leffler may discuss whether you’re a candidate for teeth whitening or dentures, or you may talk about potential solutions to a cavity or gum disease.

What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?

If you haven’t emailed us your completed new patient paperwork from the Patient Forms page on our website, you can bring them with you to your visit. Alternatively, plan to arrive a few minutes early to fill out the paperwork in person.

This paperwork gives us your contact information and details on your medical and dental history. This information is important for giving our dental professionals a better idea of your health, your previous dental work and whether you’re a candidate for certain treatments. We also have you fill out a HIPAA consent form, and you can be sure that we follow HIPAA privacy standards to keep your information private.

In addition, please bring a form of ID and your dental insurance card with you to the appointment if applicable.

Schedule Your First Visit

If you haven’t done so already, set up your first appointment by contacting our office.